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A Fresh Day always Starts with Coffee.


Hello Foodies… As you all know I am a Food Blogger and I have shared the recipe of each and everything that I ate and review it too and from now onward, I  am going to share my lifestyle with you guys. So you will get to know me more easily. I will share my experience where I travel, what I did, how is my life going, whom would I met and most important FOOD. I will share with you guys food recipes, what I ate, my favorite dishes and many more things. And now I am going to start this article with the thing which I need the most to start my day.

Are you ready to read further..?

So, today’s special COFFEE.. my most favorite beverage. You know what guys, Coffee is the only thing which I need the most (more than my cell phone) when I wake up in the morning and that too made by me only. This is so refreshing and gives the kickstart to my whole day. I am not addicted to coffee but this is in my habit. I only have it in morning only. the day without coffee is not a bad day for me but that spark and energy has been missing out from me. There are so many methods to prepare espresso and I thought everybody know the method used by me but when I found that this is a unique one and not opted by everyone than only I have decided to share it with you guys.

The reason behind my energy and for my kickstart day is only this hot beverage. I will also share the things I have noticed when I had coffee in the morning. I will also post many more Interesting things on this page every week. So you can get connect with me more easily. I bet you, this is really an interesting page for my readers, who wants to connect with me.

You should think what on earth has turned out badly? A Coffee formula? All things considered, yes.!! it’s a similar formula that a large number of us are now mindful of. The easy method for making pleasant and velvety hot coffee at home. I thought most about the general population are as of now influencing hot coffee with the path I to make. In any case, shockingly there are few who don’t have the foggiest idea about this straightforward system. As of late I made this hot coffee for a couple of visitors at home and came to realize that they never heard this formula… then just I chose to impart this formula to my favorite companions.


Coffee is local to South India. The province of Tamil Nadu tops the outline in the coffee generation and obviously utilization. I am not a Tamilian but there is nothing unexpected in the way that I am such a great amount of attached to this hot drink. I recall in my school days I used to make coffee utilizing moment espresso powder at home. It is uncommon making espresso utilizing moment espresso powder like BRU or NESCAFE. This is on account of individuals in South are attached to channel coffee. I figure that is the reason, moment coffee is well known in North India.

Preparation Time: 6 minutes     Cook Time: 2 minutes     Total Time: 8 minutes

 Serve: 2 cups     Difficulty level: Easy

Ingredients Required  for Coffee:

Cup of coffee

Making hot coffee using channel strategy (channel espresso) is an unwieldy undertaking which requests a great deal of tolerance. Besides, channel coffee requires channel machine and new coffee bean powder. Not every person has these types of gear and fixings at home. That is the reason moment coffee powder is such a great amount of ubiquitous in India.

The technique that I am sharing today is very basic and chances are there that you may as of now know about it. Initially, we begin by consolidating coffee powder with sugar and a little drain or water. In a blending glass or container, we take the required measure of coffee and sugar. At that point, we include only a teaspoon of drain or water (anything is fine). And after that the intense part. We begin whisking the espresso and sugar together with the assistance of a spoon. When you begin doing this, sooner or later the mixture will join and transform into a velvety light dark colored shading glue. The fragrance of espresso is just astounding while we are whisking it. Once the espresso cream is prepared, we should simply to blend it with hot drain. Also, the espresso is prepared.!! While I have as of now outline how to influence hot espresso at home in this entry, to give us a chance to check the well-ordered formula.

How To Make?

  • In a glass take the coffee powder in the required amount. For 2 mugs I am utilizing 2 tsp of powder. In the event that you like solid coffee at that point do include 3 tsp rather, for 2 containers.
  • Presently include sugar in the glass. You can alter the amount of sugar according to your preferences. I have included 1 tbsp of sugar. Additionally relying upon the sweetness of sugar and intensity of coffee powder, alter the amount of sugar.
  • Once the sugar and espresso powder are added we are prepared to include the drain.
  • Include 1 tsp of Milk in the container. You can likewise include water rather than a drain.
  • Presently with the assistance of a spoon, begin blending and whisking the espresso powder and sugar.
  • At first, the mixture would look dim dark colored however once we whisk it more it begins transforming into light darker and velvety.
  • Speed for 6 minutes thoroughly. The cream is prepared.
  • Pour hot (bubbling) drain into the cream.
  • Blend the cream and drain with help of a spoon. The foam should begin showing up to finish everything. This is the time when we know the espresso is prepared. You can likewise exchange espresso starting with one container then onto the next to make it considerably foamier.
  • Velvety custom made moment hot coffee is prepared. Empty the coffee into a serving container and serve hot.

Benefits :

  • Refreshment
  • Freshness
  • Activeness
  • Concentration on work
  • No sleep during work
  • Strong Taste (what I love the most)

These are some benefits which I have noticed. Start your day with this refreshing beverage. you will feel the change…

Hope you like my style coffee, I am not the only one who adopts this method but very few of us are aware of this recipe.. so let’s make this recipe famous.

Go, Try it out by yourself… 🙂

I will Share many more things which are the part of my lifestyle with you guys and Give you more interesting stuff to read. You will get the experience of the lifestyle of the food blogger and I will share with you the stories of the most famous food bloggers and their lifestyle.

Soon You will get some Interesting topic to read here. Till than Explore… !! 🙂

wait wait wait…

Share the recipe if you like and share it with your friends and tell them the benefits too… 🙂

Good Day…. 🙂


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